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Time to Ride is dedicated to helping horse stables, clubs, and businesses grow by connecting with more people in their communities. If you have a passion for teaching new riders, love welcoming new people to horse activities, and want to grow your business by sharing the joy of horses with others, Time to Ride programs offer support and rewards.

Free resources are available to horse professionals who register their business with Time to Ride. Create a free account to add your business to the map and access marketing tools.

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Time To Ride Challenge

The Time to Ride Challenge is all about sharing the joy of horses with newcomers. Since 2014, the Challenge has awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and prizes to the host stables, businesses, and organizations that introduced the greatest number of new people to horses, through fun, beginner-friendly horse experiences. To date, nearly 100,000 people have been introduced to the joy of horses through the Challenge!
The 2017 Challenge offers $100,000 cash and prizes and begins May 1st. Win cash while growing your business! Learn more here.

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“By participating in the Challenge, I gained new riding lesson clients and won cash that put a new roof on my barn!” -Cody Pritchard, Cooperstown Equestrian Park 2015 second-place winner of $5,000

Marketing Toolkit

The toolkit is designed for stables, clubs, and businesses participating in the Time to Ride Challenge, but the ideas and marketing strategies can be used year-round to stimulate your business.
In it you’ll find:

  • Tips for reaching newcomers to horseback riding
  • Marketing research to help you determine your target market
  • Fun event and program ideas
  • Customizable press releases, public service announcements, and advertising material
  • Event ideas and best practices from successful Challenge hosts

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Free Marketing Materials

These free ad materials are designed so that you can add your stable or business’s information and print yourself.

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Case Studies

Wondering how you can implement some of these ideas into your own business? Read case studies from successful stables and clubs for real-world examples and inspiration. Case Study: Connecting spectators with horses at a show Case Study: Partner with a local school

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Resources for Kids Ages 5-9

Take Me Riding is a special space designed just for kids ages 5-9. Fun video games, facts about horses, and three video series help boys and girls explore the joy of horses.
Spread the word about Take Me Riding, including lesson plans and educational resources, with parents and teachers for tons of fun and learning for horse crazy kids – or, download the materials yourself and use them at your stable or club.

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