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The Time To Ride Challenge is all about sharing the joy of horses with newcomers. It offers the equine professional (“host”) an opportunity to grow his/her business by meeting and connecting with horse-interested people, while competing for cash and prizes.

Challenge hosts offer activities during the months of May, June, July, August and September to give newcomers a chance to meet a horse, pony, mule and/or donkey. More than 1,500 beginner-friendly hosts in 50 states have already taken the Challenge, resulting in more than 98,000 people enjoying a first-time equine experience. Hosts are encouraged to use Time To Ride ideas and resources to create fun, beginner-friendly activities aimed at generating new long-term customers. A host competes in either the small, medium or large division to reach the most newcomers during the Challenge period. First place division winners in Phase I receive $5,000 cash. Cash and prizes are also awarded through tenth place in each division. First place winners in Phase II receive $8,000 cash. A host can win up to $13,000 in cash plus prizes. Sign up and compete for your share of $100,000 total cash and prizes!

Challenge registration begins March 1, 2017. The Challenge begins May 1, 2017 and continues through September 30, 2017.



Time To Ride is an equine-industry wide program facilitated by the American Horse Council with the goal of connecting, or reconnecting, people with horses in their local areas. Time To Ride programs are designed to connect families, particularly moms and children, to horses. Through the Time To Ride Challenge, the kid-friendly interactive Take Me Riding website, and other programs, Time To Ride encourages people to enjoy the many benefits of horse experiences which include increased mental and physical well-being.

Time To Ride programs for equine industry professionals focus on helping the professional grow his/her business. By connecting families to horses, horse professional can gain clients while creating new riders and horse owners who become valuable participants in the equine industry.

Time to Ride is a collaboration between the following equine industry leading companies and organizations:

With additional support from:

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